About Purely Pilates

Benefits of Pilates

They are many. Flexibility, rejuvenation, relaxation, supple spine, increased bone density, better circulation, co-ordination, body awareness, improved immune function, more efficient breathing, general health and well-being, and many many more. The practice of Pilates has immense benefits for not just the body, but also for the mind, so that you enjoy a perfect healthy state of being.

About me

Welcome to purely Pilates Folkestone

My name is Samantha and I’m a local Qualified Pilates teacher, and hold classes in and around the Folkestone area in Kent, I also have a home studio where I teach 1-1 Pilates including Reformer.

I am qualified to teach all aspects of mat, small equipment and Reformer Pilates.

I belong to the Polestar Pilates school, the school was founded by Brent Anderson in 1992, a physiotherapist  and orthopedic therapist, the school aims to train teachers in the traditional style as developed by Joseph Pilates but with a deeper understanding of how the body moves and rehabilitation.  I continue to travel to London the nearest Polestar studio for on going training, deepening my knowledge and love for Pilates.

I have been teaching  movement techniques since 2008 including Yoga when my Purely Yoga business was created, I teach Pilates and Yoga at various local private halls and community centers around the Folkestone area, and 1-1 sessions daily from my studio in Folkestone.

I love what I do and feel very lucky to be able to have the time to commit to my Pilates,  and enjoy exploring all functional movement from various disciplines .

My Pilates style

In my teaching I believe that by giving our selves time and space to our practice, we start to undo tension, in our body and in our breath, that have built up over time, through our busy life styles. Firstly by coming to our pilates practice we can begin to start this re- connection and undoing. We then move with awareness into the postures, its not about making nice shapes with the body, but discovering a way of moving to undo the tension in the body safely.

  • To create a haven from our busy lives.
  • To encourage space and time for you to re connect with yourself. Emotionally, physically, mentally.
  • To explore the postures gently and safely.
  • To give you individual and a personal experience.
  • To give you time to find out what it is you need from your Pilates practice.
  • To allow and encourage your Pilates  practice to develop and grow at your pace.
  • To re connect you with your breath.
  • To relax and have fun.